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PG Online Exam Guideline for Students

PG Online Exam Guideline for Students

by DoA Buet -
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                                                                                                                                Date: 31/10/2020



Instructions for Students 


i)                    Students will be responsible for collecting the online examination link from the examiner. Online examination link will also be available at the LMS account.

ii)                  Students will have to log in as: student no (space) Full name [example: 1018012004 Farhan Akhtar]

iii)                Student must attend the final examination and the video will be switched on during the entire period of examination.

iv)                Examinations shall be handwritten on the self-arranged answer sheet with page numbering. Student information will be written at the top-right corner of the first page of the answer sheet.

v)                  Weightage shall be 30% of the total marks.

vi)                It shall be Open Book type Take Home Examination, with subjective, narrative, and/or open-ended problem-solution type questions. Objective type questions, such as short questions, definitions and short notes shall not be included.

vii)              The name of the file of the answer sheet will be same as log in id: student no (space) Full name [example: 1018012004 Farhan Akhtar]

viii)            Duration of the Examination shall be from 90 to 150 minutes, including the time is taken for uploading the consolidated single PDF file or zipped file of the images of the answer sheets to the LMS account. In case of any technical difficulty to upload in LMS account, the students may choose to send the aforesaid file to the course teachers’ official email using his/her BUET email ID within the stipulated time.

ix)                Student will confirm his/her submission of the answer sheet by writing a message to invigilators in the chat box of zoom/Ms Teams.

x)                  Students will be responsible to arrange an alternative device (should it require) for an uninterrupted video presence during the exam and for uploading of the answer sheet within the time.

xi)                The examiner may cross-check the handwriting of the student with the hand-written Declaration on Online Course Conduct, submitted at the beginning of the course.